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Process of Company Registration in India

How to register a company in India?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has setup facilitation centers accross India to incorporate companies through their company registration authorised centers.
Anyone looking for company registration services in India can directly contact any of the authorized centers.

The requirement for company registration in India are:

1. Minimum 2 Directors and Share Holders.(Share Holders can also be the directors of the company).
2.Three colour photographs of all the directors.
3.Photo Identity and address proof of directors. Example Passport copy.
4.PAN card number of directors, if avaliable. (Not mandatory)

*Time Frame for registering a Private Limited Company in India

Business Days
Digital Signature 01
Director Identification Number of all Directors 10
Confirmation of Proposed Names 04
Preperation of Memorandum and Articles of Association 01
Final Approval of company 04
Total Duration 20

* This is a practical and minimum time frame required for registering a company in India. 

How to start the process of requirement of company registration in india?

1. Provide the scan copies of the above requirements for registration via email
2. Provide any three or five proposed names of the company.
3. Provide the object of the company.
4. Sign the DIN Annexure, Digital Signature and Memorandum and Articles of the Company.
5. Sign the PAN form and Bank Account form of the company.
6. Cost of Company Registration in India with us is Rs.16500/-.